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The Emergence of The Outcome Economy

We live in a new world that is increasingly connected and quantified than ever before, leading to the rise of the outcome economy. Companies are beginning to shift their focus from selling products and services to delivering end results that they produce. To provide quantifiable outcomes, companies require a deeper understanding of customer needs and contexts in which products and services are used. Also, value creation on output requires quantifying results in real-time. Both of these requirements have been nearly impossible to tackle, until now.

DXFactor takes on the complexity of business problems and simplifies them into measurable, tangible outcomes that drive transformational change across an enterprise.

DXFactor takes on the complexity of business problems and simplifies them into measurable, tangible outcomes that drive transformational change across an enterprise.

Guaranteed outcomes

We are super obsessed about outcomes. We go beyond just successfully completing the project. Every project we work on is guaranteed to generate real value.

We bring industry expertise

We bring a deep understanding of your industry to every project. Our team understands the nuances of your industry and the intricacies of the data ecosystem, processes and desired outcomes.

Masters of data to outcomes journey

Organizations are investing billions of dollars in technology with minimal returns. We help your organization navigate the sea of data buzzwords and shape data into opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

Scale to crazy levels quickly

With more than 25 years of experience designing and operating offshore operations for U.S. based companies, we work with companies that want to set up cost-effective offshore operations. Our proven BOT model allows us to scale small to midsize companies into the kind of high-performing offshore entities that employers dream of.

DXfactor offer five drivers identified in the Forrester wave to achieve transformational business outcomes.

Agile Delivery
Data Governance
Cloud Deployment
Data Quality & Management
Data Analytics

Deliver the right outcome. Every time with DXFactor.


What our clients have to say about us

Working with DXFactor has been an incredible experience. The discovery and onboarding process was seamless, and it truly felt like they took a forward-looking approach to understand our business from a market integration perspective rather than the typical sales pitch we have become accustomed to hearing. We are looking forward to the development process and going to market with a true partner by our side.

– Ben Anenson
CFO, Syndex Labs

When Five Inc began looking for an outsourcing vendor to help with a rewrite of our utility CIS platform, we found a true business partner in DXFactor. The DXFactor team of professionals delivered on time, on budget, and was guided by a management team that continues to be ready and willing to assist in any way possible. A truly refreshing experience.

– Alan Ellison
Five Incorporated, Chief Executive Officer

Partnering with DXFactor has allowed us to dream bigger as we build a proprietary software platform that will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the financial software giants within our industry. The strategic forward-thinking, that comes naturally to the DXFactor team is present in all aspects of the process to deliver an intelligent enterprise platform with data-driven applications and infrastructure, which will automate operations, drive innovation, and allow our employees to make smarter decisions securely.

– Traci Carpenter
Director of Revenue, Southwest Funding