How Blueprints Can Ensure Successful Digital Transformation by Reaching Outside of Your Data Garden

Date: May 27, 2020 | Time: 1 PM EST

Webinar Summary:

Today more than ever, it's critical to use data to retain your customers, optimize cost, and provide a digital customer experience.Learn how leaders are trailblazing ahead by looking outside their garden wall to the vast universe of data that can lead one to successful outcomes.

In this fireside chat styled webinar, Steve Rao,CEO of Farm Market ID, and Dharmesh Trivedi, Founder, and CEO of DXFactor will share their journey of successful digital transformation by cross pollinating external data with their internal system of records.


Key Takeaways:

  • How top technology trailblazers, like Steve Rao, are guaranteeing successful outcomes, through leveraging cross-pollination of data.

  • What is Data Cross Pollination?

  • How to identify these Data Products for free through a Blueprint before you begin your Data Cross Pollination journey.

Webinar Panelists

Steve Rao

CEO of Farm Market ID

Dharmesh Trivedi

Founder, and CEO of DXFactor

Harshil Shah

Lead Data Scientist, DXFactor