Step into the vibrant atmosphere of sunny Los Angeles, California, where the energy is electrifying, opportunities abound, and the fitness industry pulses with excitement! As the premier event for fitness professionals worldwide, IHRSA 2024 is more than a conference—it’s a catalyst for growth, innovation, and community.

As you gear up for the upcoming IHRSA conference, we’ve curated a comprehensive guide to help you squeeze every drop of value from your experience. From kickstarting your digital transformation journey with DXFactor to immersing yourself in the dynamic tapestry of Los Angeles, here’s your roadmap to crafting an unforgettable IHRSA adventure:

Leverage IHRSA Resources for Seamless Show Navigation

Navigating a bustling conference like IHRSA can be overwhelming but fear not! Utilize resources such as the IHRSA mobile app to streamline your experience. Get direct access to exhibitor information and the conference agenda right at your fingertips, and don’t miss the keynote speeches that are set to inspire and motivate. Let the app be your guide to unlocking the full potential of the IHRSA Convention and beyond.

Here are several resources you should have readily available:

Experience the Best of Los Angeles

While your primary focus may be business, don’t forget to indulge in the vibrant culture and entertainment that Los Angeles has to offer. Take a stroll along the iconic Venice Beach, hike to the Hollywood Sign for breathtaking views, or immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood Boulevard. Enhance your trip by joining a group yoga session at Griffith Park, blending personal wellness with the spirit of LA. Remember, a well-balanced trip is the key to productivity and enjoyment!

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Travel with Ease

To ensure your focus remains on networking and learning, plan your travel logistics wisely. Consider using a travel app like TripIt for organizing your itinerary and finding local transit options, adding an extra layer of ease to your travel plans. Arrive a day early and depart a day later to avoid any disruptions to your schedule, ensuring you’re fully prepared to make meaningful connections without the stress of rushed travel plans.

Here are 6 tips for fighting jetlag:

  1. Plan Ahead: Adjust your sleep schedule gradually before your trip to match the destination’s time zone.
  2. Try “Grounding”: This wellness therapy is purported to improve physical and mental health (including sleep) by walking or standing barefoot on the earth, whether it’s on grass, or sand, or even wading into the ocean. It doesn’t have to take long—20 minutes will do.
  3. Stay Awake: Resist the urge to sleep upon arrival and aim to stay awake until local bedtime to reset your body clock.
  4. Exposure to Light: Get direct sunlight upon waking up to help reset your body clock effectively.
  5. Combat Drowsiness: Use caffeine in moderation, take short naps if necessary, and consider melatonin to align your circadian rhythm with the new time zone.
  6. Returning Home: Gradually adjust your sleep schedule back home in small increments if possible, or follow similar strategies used during your outbound journey.

Master the Art of Networking

Networking is where the magic happens. Prepare a compelling “elevator pitch” that succinctly captures your business or professional goals, ensuring every conversation you engage in at IHRSA 2024 is impactful. Engaging in face-to-face discussions with clients and industry colleagues offers priceless chances to cultivate relationships and propel business expansion. Approach each encounter with purpose and genuine interest, prioritizing active listening, posing insightful questions, and promptly following up to cement the connections forged during the conference.

For succinct and accessible tips on honing your networking skills at a conference, check out this informative 3-minute video.

Navigate the Trade Show Floor with Confidence

With countless exhibitors and products to explore, it is essential to have a game plan. Set specific objectives for your time on the trade show floor, whether that’s discovering the latest trends, meeting with potential suppliers, or engaging with innovative startups. Take breaks, stay hydrated, and don’t forget to collect contact information and marketing materials for follow-up after the conference.

Not sure who you want to see? Check out the show floor map ahead of time and prioritize your engagements!

Fuel Your Digital Transformation with DXFactor 

As you dive into the world of fitness industry innovation, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with DXFactor. With over 80 years of combined expertise, DXFactor is the leading technology services provider dedicated to accelerating digital transformations within the fitness sector.

Schedule a meeting with our team to discover how our technology can drive sales growth, enhance member experiences, and achieve operational excellence for your fitness brand. Book your appointment here and embark on a journey towards digital success!


As you set out on your IHRSA adventure, remember that triumph awaits those who blend business savvy with personal fulfillment. Embrace each moment, seize every chance, and allow the dynamic pulse of Los Angeles to propel you toward your aspirations. Here’s to an enriching and indelible journey at IHRSA 2024!

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