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Outcomes that Matter and Deliver Massive Value – Guaranteed

In a world where 80% of data and tech initiatives fail to deliver meaningful outcomes and value, stakes are higher than ever before. We’re here to challenge the status quo and flip the odds of data and technology initiatives’ success.
We’re an outcome-obsessed digital transformation team. We navigate you through the ever-evolving data and tech landscape maze and help you solve the most challenging business problems around people, processes, customer experiences, and operational efficiencies. We’re passionate about delivering meaningful outcomes with real business value through human-centric technology solutions.

Solid outcomes our clients have achieved

A Fortune 50 logistics giant reduced data costs by $500,000 per year and increased vessel ETA prediction accuracy by 82%.
A next generation data science solution delivers $300,000 savings in infrastructure and reconciliation costs.
How an AI-based recommendation engine helps a global information services company improve customer retention by 35% and increase revenue by 25%.

Data. Decisions. Actions. Outcomes.

Here’s how we are solving your toughest problems with guaranteed outcomes.

(We are not about just completing projects)

Outcomes-Driven Data Science

Break down silos. Enrich data. Get ready-to-act decision intelligence. Drive smarter decisions.

Process Automation & Digital Enablement

Bring automation everywhere. Modernize applications. Digitize Operations. Create human+machine collaboration.

Build, Operate & Transfer (BOT) Offshore Operations

Get the right team. Up your competitive edge. Get your own offshore delivery & customer excellence center.

Working with DXFactor has been an incredible experience. The discovery and onboarding process was seamless, and it truly felt like they took a forward-looking approach to understand our business from a market integration perspective rather than the typical sales pitch we have become accustomed to hearing. We are looking forward to the development process and going to market with a true partner by our side.

Ben Anenson

CFO, Syndex Labs

Partnering with DXFactor has allowed us to dream bigger as we build a proprietary software platform that will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the financial software giants within our industry. The strategic forward-thinking, that comes naturally to the DXFactor team is present in all aspects of the process to deliver an intelligent enterprise platform with data-driven applications and infrastructure, which will automate operations, drive innovation, and allow our employees to make smarter decisions securely.

Traci Carpenter

Director of Revenue, Southwest Funding

When Five Inc began looking for an outsourcing vendor to help with a rewrite of our utility CIS platform, we found a true business partner in DXFactor. The DXFactor team of professionals delivered on time, on budget, and was guided by a management team that continues to be ready and willing to assist in any way possible. A truly refreshing experience.

Alan Ellison

Chief Executive Officer

Who we are

We’re a team of status-quo challengers, norm-challengers, digital innovators, data scientists, software engineers, process masters, people-centric, and above all, focused on delivering value-driven outcomes for every single project we take on. We bring industry-leading consultants to every project who has a deep understanding of the processes, clients, and data ecosystems unique to every industry.

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