Leading the Way in Technology and Data Innovation to Transform the Fitness Industry

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Digital disruption is now industry-wide; it’s no longer an option. You need a solid strategy to embrace it.

Digital disruption is now industry-wide; it’s no longer an option. You need a solid strategy to embrace it.

Today’s digital innovation is transforming the health and fitness industry, including tracking workouts, running races, fitness on-demand monitoring diets, and more. And that’s just the beginning. We believe digital products and services can revolutionize your health and fitness business. Our value-focused digital and data transformation strategy provides the tools, technology, and resources you need to embrace digital technology so you can transform your health and fitness business into an experience that engages, excites, and moves your audience.

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Our Capabilities to Drive Value Creation
in the Fitness Market

Our Capabilities to Drive Value Creation in the Fitness Market

The online health and fitness market is growing at a tremendous rate, raising digital transformation issues for many companies that operate in this space. Our experts are helping health and fitness companies transform their business model, marketing, sales processes and value propositions using data, technology, and innovation.

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Technology Services and Solutions

Technology Services and Solutions


Value focused digital technology solutions to solve fitness business challenges or helping you reach your fitness business goals fast.

Digital Enablement

Digital solutions to enable health and fitness businesses deliver on-demand, personalized fitness solutions at scale to their members through a combination of technology and a suite of digital applications.

Mobility Solutions

Versatile mobile apps for your fitness business. Keep in touch with members, provide class schedules, manage memberships, track and log sessions, analyze data and achieve more.

Process & Workflow Automation

Efficiently sign up clients, take payments, check-in members, track attendance and business performance reporting. Get tools to manage your business anywhere and anytime.

Technology Implementation Services

We make it easy for you to implement next-generation fitness club management software that streamlines your operations and helps you deliver a unified member experience to grow memberships and improve member retention.

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Data Engineering and Data Science

Data Engineering and Data Science

Next generation outcome-driven data and AI solutions with collaborative intelligence to generate real business value – fast.
Data Strategy

We will evaluate the current state of your fitness business data environment. Then we’ll create a detailed blueprint to capture and analyze data for immediate ROI, and long term strategic value.

Data Capture

Automate end-to-end data acquisition about your members and their activity. That way, you will learn about your members’ habits and needs to serve them better and grow in a hybrid economy.

Data Engineering

With our data first architecture approach, we design and build data pipelines that take data from many disparate sources, transformed and stored into a single place representing the data uniformly as a single source of truth.

Data Science

With the application of statistics, predictive analytics and machine learning, discover correlations in large data sets and make smarter business decisions – assess where you are today and find areas for growth as well as ways to reinvent your industry.

Data Visualization & Analytics

End-to-end data visualization and analytics platform for fitness businesses to track and view the key business metrics: Lifetime Value, Acquisition Cost, Churn Rate, Net Promoters (NPS), Member Loyalty, and much more!


What our clients have to say about us

We engaged with DXFactor and have been very pleased with their work. We needed to start and complete the project in 3 weeks and brought in all sorts of diff data to build personas/segments for our large and new client. As our client was brand new and is a multi-billion $ Ag chem company we needed to make a good impression and nail this part of it. Thanks to DXFactor the client is thrilled and already opened up about additional revenues for us. As we are a data company we are informed and finicky customers for them. We are already working with them on the next customer.

- Steve Rao
CEO , Farm Market iD

DXFactor is helping us with data transformation capabilities, they aggregate data from multiple sources and transform it into an API that our products consume. By deploying very innovative methods of process and data automation, data aggregation, their data as a service platform has provided many benefits to our products such as almost doubling the size of our data lake, providing visibility to logistics providers and, with intelligent and targeted notifications their platform has reduced the uncertainty in the supply chain significantly.

- René Kulik
Head of Sales & Marketing, Wabtec

DXFactor have been instrumental in helping us build a state-of-the-art streaming platform for CRUNCH+ digital content. Selecting the right vendor was critical to ensure that the project was delivered on time and within our budget. Dharmesh and his team at DXFactor proved to be the ideal choice as their team worked tirelessly to develop a solution that is reliable, secure, and scalable.

- Mike Neff
Executive Vice President, Member Services, Crunch

I am thrilled to say that we have found the ideal digital transformation partner in DXFactor. Their approach towards business and technology integration has streamlined our operations, providing us with a unified view of our member data and allowing us to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

- Rob Koehler
Director of Technology Development, Wisconsin Athletic Club

We are extremely happy with DXFactor as one of our digital partners. We found them to be the perfect match for us, thanks to their knowledge and experience with data and fitness. Our aim was to find a way to add value to our members' experience and improve their membership. The digital outcomes DX delivered have had a significant impact on our operations and we are already looking forward to future projects.

- Brent Zempel
Chief Information Officer, XSport Fitness

Become outcome obsessed

Whether you need to steady the ship, build a new one or revolutionize your business, we can help you to get the best results.