Generative AI
R&D Division

Dedicated to operationalizing
Gen AI for enterprises.

DX Labs is a Gen AI research and development division at DXFactor, dedicated to operationalizing Generative AI for enterprises. It is where we innovate, build and improve business use cases for our clients to keep up with the changes and take advantage of emerging technologies. DX Labs enables companies to continuously improve their product offerings that elevate customer experiences while achieving operational excellence. 

DX Labs is a culmination of our expertise, our endeavors, our journey and progress across the digital business landscape. 

Gen AI research and development

Member Saves Agent

Turn cancellation into superior member experience for better retention

Join Online Agent

Provide seamless onboarding experience and help members to find the best plan

Non-Dues Sales Agent

Sell Personal Training sessions scheduled on a day-to-day basis

Fitness Agent

Recommend exercises, workout plans, and suggest videos specific to each user

Ultrasound Agent

Identify abnormalities, provide recommendations, and answer user queries

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