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Who We Are

With more than 70 years of domain expertise, DXFactor is the fitness industry’s leading digital services provider. We partner with elite fitness brands to help them design, develop and deliver their most critical digital initiatives. Our world class teams of specialized professionals work with or as our customers IT department to deliver outcomes that drive growth, enhance the member experience, and optimize performance and productivity.


DXf = MX +OX

Be Outcomes Driven

Deliver Quality Services

Provide Innovative Solutions

(Member Experience)

You know when something looks right and feels right – so do your members. DX combines leading edge digital technologies to create a member experience (MX) that is intuitive, responsive, and personalized. From web and native mobile apps to hyper personalized membership sales and onboarding, a DX powered MX engages members and prospects from acquisition through their entire member journey.

Our data driven approach uses AI, ML and Generative AI to provide contextual interactions that naturally engage members with your brands services, content, and value. DX optimizes MX in a way that personalizes member engagement and increases brand loyalty and satisfaction.

(Operational Excellence)

Complex workflows, antiquated technologies and lack of systems integration are the bane of operational excellence (OX). DX takes an outcome driven approach to create integrated harmony and frictionless workflows that optimize OX. Our partnership with leading fitness brands focuses on creating innovative data management solutions that create fully integrated digital ecosystems.

The outcome is a seamless flow of data and business intelligence that automates workflows and the delivery of customized KPI dashboards and reports. The result – cost saving efficiency, increased productivity, greater member and staff satisfaction – OX.


How We Work

How we work is as important to our clients success as the tools and methodologies that we use. DX combines on shore and offshore resources to work with our as our client’s IT team through all phases of the project from discovery through design, development, deployment and post delivery services

What Our Clients Say


What our clients have to say about us

Working with DXFactor has been an incredible experience. The discovery and onboarding process was seamless, and it truly felt like they took a forward-looking approach to understanding our business from a market integration perspective rather than the typical sales pitch we have become accustomed to hearing. We are looking forward to the development process and going to market with a true partner by our side.

– Ben Anenson
CFO, Syndex Labs

When Five Inc began looking for an outsourcing vendor to help with a rewrite of our utility CIS platform, we found a true business partner in DXFactor. The DXFactor team of professionals delivered on time, on budget, and was guided by a management team that continues to be ready and willing to assist in any way possible. A truly refreshing experience.

– Alan Ellison
Five Incorporated, Chief Executive Officer

Partnering with DXFactor has allowed us to dream bigger as we build a proprietary software platform that will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the financial software giants within our industry. The strategic forward-thinking, that comes naturally to the DXFactor team is present in all aspects of the process to deliver an intelligent enterprise platform with data-driven applications and infrastructure, which will automate operations, drive innovation, and allow our employees to make smarter decisions securely.

– Traci Carpenter
Director of Revenue, Southwest Funding


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