Data Virtualization Services

We believe that data is the core of everything we do, and that it can deliver actionable insights that help companies shape their business models as they see them. As our clients’ data becomes a valuable asset for their business, we help them build strategies to optimize the potential of that data.

As your trusted data partner, we ensure you get more value from your data, improve how it is integrated and delivered, and enable you to glean valuable insights from it. In order to help customers, develop mature capabilities across the different facets of data management, we leverage our strategic data management and analytics catalyst framework.

In order to modernize data platforms, we need a modern reference architecture that combines the best technology and approaches to provide a solution that is unique. Many inherent problems of an ecosystem of applications may be addressed by our Data Virtualization services, such as data integration, point-to-point integration, real-time delivery of data, security, and data governance.


  • Keep pace with the pace of business through real-time data access to improve business decisions
  • Direct access to database data, allowing it to be updated and produced by the system of records, through self-service
  • Data integration across the business without redundancy and replication
  • Ensure standardization and enforcement of core principles of access, understanding, and use through centralized metadata, security, and governance
  • The lifecycle of data engineering projects can be shortened by lowering workloads and reducing the number of projects
  • Make sure the new data solution continues to succeed with expertise and leadership


Our Data Virtualization offering extends across a variety of application areas, including service-oriented architectures, master data management, custom applications, and business intelligence. At DX Factor, our team of experts can handle even the most complex problems, such as managing extreme volumes of frequently changing data or building scale-out applications.

Data Governance

Logical Data Warehouse

Data Modelling

Master Data Management

Logical Data Lakes

Web Automation


Working with DXFactor has been an incredible experience. The discovery and onboarding process was seamless, and it truly felt like they took a forward-looking approach to understand our business from a market integration perspective rather than the typical sales pitch we have become accustomed to hearing. We are looking forward to the development process and going to market with a true partner by our side.

Ben Anenson

CFO, Syndex Labs

Partnering with DXFactor has allowed us to dream bigger as we build a proprietary software platform that will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the financial software giants within our industry. The strategic forward-thinking, that comes naturally to the DXFactor team is present in all aspects of the process to deliver an intelligent enterprise platform with data-driven applications and infrastructure, which will automate operations, drive innovation, and allow our employees to make smarter decisions securely.

Traci Carpenter

Director of Revenue, Southwest Funding

When Five Inc began looking for an outsourcing vendor to help with a rewrite of our utility CIS platform, we found a true business partner in DXFactor. The DXFactor team of professionals delivered on time, on budget, and was guided by a management team that continues to be ready and willing to assist in any way possible. A truly refreshing experience.

Alan Ellison

Five Incorporated, Chief Executive Officer