AI-based recommendation engine helps a global information services company increase customer retention by 35% and revenue by 25%

About the Client

A global information, software solutions, and services company for clinicians, accountants, lawyers, finance and regulatory sectors.

The Challenge

The team wanted to create a next-generation AI-based portal that would help doctors and other medical professionals stay updated with their CME (Continuing Medical Education) and MOC (Maintenance of Certification) information. They wanted to have the following key features.

  • Automated user creation, login, and password management process.
  • Course recommendations based on the relevant field of doctors and medical professionals.
  • A system to capture CME/CPD records from different products across multiple websites.
  • Ability to track total CME/CPD hours earned.
  • Make it easy to report and get lost CME/CPD certificates

What We Did

  • Enterprise Web Application Development
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Digital Content and Asset Management (DAM)
  • Machine Learning
  • Enterprise Web Application Development
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Digital Content and Asset Management (DAM)
  • Machine Learning

The Solution

DXFactor implemented a CME (Continuing Medical Education) portal that has the following features:

  • Capture granular details about users of the portal as part of setting up users’ profiles.
  • Provide recommendations using existing transactional data, content metadata, and new user usage data.
  • Users can track the number of credits they log for their CME and/or MOCs in a dashboard
  • Users can generate a comprehensive report based upon courses they have undertaken and their completion.
  • The portal has several state-of-the-art recommender systems working together to provide a personalized experience to every user. All the courses are tailored to the user’s past interactions, preferences, and needs.
    • Content-based recommendations
    • Collaborative recommendations
    • Top 10 recommendations
    • Geography based recommendations
    • License based recommendations
    • Specialty and subspecialty-based recommendations

Results & Outcomes

DXFactor helped create a futuristic portal for the client, which helped solve most of their pain points. We are now in talks with their taxation and financial teams to replicate the portal for them.


improvement in customer retention.


increase in revenue.

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