We are DX Factor


Digital Accelerators

We started DXFactor in 2018 with a mission to transform companies and help them bring order, clarity, and agility to the chaos of today’s digital world. We show business leaders how to use data and technology solutions to reimagine their business, evolve their strategy, and drive measurable business impact. We help them redefine what it means to be a business in this digital age, whether that’s creating a new market or revolutionizing a whole industry – we have done it before and continue to do it every day.

Our Mission

We help companies transform themselves into market leaders and industry disruptors. To do this, we build a balanced ecosystem of IT systems and human capital with the agility of a start-up and the power of Fortune 500 business experience.

Our X Factor

We drive guaranteed business outcomes, which means we see problems differently. We take risks and create technology solutions that make the industry stand up and take notice. Accountabilities? We learned early on that accountability is not a stick; it’s a carrot. We have embraced growth, change, and achievement with confidence that passion, perspective, and pride are behind everything we do.

Some amazing clients we’ve worked with along the way




We are a growing team with a unique mix of expertise and culture. Our team of experts is made up of software engineers, data scientists, data engineers, designers, analysts, project managers, and industry experts who partner with you to win business and implement projects of any size, anywhere in the world.

Dharmesh Trivedi

Co-Founder & CEO

Highly accomplished entrepreneur with 25+ years of management experience in building high growth companies.

Tejas Shah

Co-Founder & CTO

Serial entrepreneur and technology consultant helping accelerate technology adoption particularly in emerging economies.

Tejas Shaha
Al Noshirvani

President & COO

Innovator and leader with three decades of experience in technology, marketing and sales, steering companies towards digital transformation.

Our Core Values

Our core principles are the foundation for every decision we make and that all of our employees act on.

Forward Thinking



Helping our clients succeed is at the core of who we are. We are an outcome driven company committed to winning in every possible way. Our fearless approach to cutting-edge technology and innovation is what makes us unique. If you think you’ll fit in, then join our team.