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Let Outcomes Drive Your Digital Transformation

Stop paying for technology, start paying for outcomes. Say hello to outcomes-driven digital transformation.

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Our Methodology

DXFactor is a company built to address today and tomorrow’s digital transformation challenges.
We help forward-thinking businesses bring their digital transformation vision to fruition by providing you with a prescriptive mix of people, processes and technologies, quickly at scale, which we financially guarantee to deliver you outcomes.

There's Digital Transformation. And then there's Outcomes-Driven Digital Transformation.

While big data, data science, mobile, and robotic process automation may be front page news, technologies by themselves don’t deliver you business outcomes. That's where DXFactor comes in. We build digital solutions guaranteed to deliver business outcomes, 100% of the time. This industry first approach ensures you can successfully transform your business in a scalable, cost efficient and speedy way.

With deep domain expertise in RPA, AI, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and data science tools, we help you evaluate, maximize and scale digital opportunities across every business process, every key function, every organization, at scale. All of which guaranteed to deliver you business outcomes, or invoices are shredded away.

Outcome-Driven Solutions

We apply our 30+ years of business, process, technology development and data science expertise to make you a digital transformation hero. Some of our Outcome-Driven Solutions include:

Outcomes as a Service

From where data is captured to how its actionabliezed to drive you business outcomes, we provide a solution that provides you with e-to-end data services, and AI powered strategies that deliver you outcomes 100% of the time, all as a service, or your investment is refunded.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as Service

We help you automate high-volume, repetitive and time consuming tasks that previously required human involvement. We build RPA solutions that deliver 100 percent data accuracy that eliminates manual errors, which bolsters efficiency, productivity and bottom line impact. Stop throwing more people at the problems, and empower a digital-first, smart workforce.

Build, Manage & Transfer (B.M.T)

We help you scale your digital transformation efforts by delivering applications, managing teams and services at high velocity that act as an extension of your current teams. The result is a solution that is ultimately fully transferred to you and is guaranteed to generate you business outcomes at scale, scope and speed.

Case Studies

A growing collection of case studies from various industries, companies and sizes.

Learn how companies like yours have leveraged DXFactor's award-winning solutions to effectively solve digital transformation use-cases.

How DXStartups helped ARInspect create safer communities

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Building a solution for scaling your operations using Outcomes-Driven Digital Transformation tools

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Our industry's first outcomes approach has already generated more than $2 billion in direct outcomes for clients.

Thrive in the outcomes driven economy - contact us to learn how.

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Stop paying for technology, start paying for outcomes.

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