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How Are We Different?

DXFactor is a company built to address today's and tomorrow’s digital transformation challenges.
While big data, data science, mobile, and robotic process automation may be front page news, technologies by themselves don’t deliver you business outcomes. We help forward-thinking businesses bring their digital transformation vision to fruition by providing you with a prescriptive mix of people, processes and technologies, quickly at scale, which we financially guarantee to deliver you outcomes.

There's Digital Transformation. And then there's Outcomes-Driven Digital Transformation.

Clarity in your digital transformation vision delivers successful business outcomes. That's where DXFactor comes in. With outcomes-driven digital transformation strategies in place you'll outpace competitors and deliver unmatched customer experiences through implementing a precise set of technologies, systems, solutions and talent pools that will generate business outcomes, today, tomorrow and beyond.

Adopting outcomes-driven solutions helps your systems augment autonomously meaning you always are ahead of the disruption curve. We partner with clients to build digital solutions guaranteed to deliver business outcomes, 100% of the time. This industry first approach ensures you can successfully transform your business, unearthing new frontiers of success in a scalable, and speed-to-outcomes driven way.

Outcome-Driven Solutions

We apply our 30+ years of business, process, technology development and data science expertise to make you a digital transformation hero.

Data Outcomes as a Service

We ensure you outcomes today, tomorrow and beyond.

We equip businesses with data solutions that leverage technologies like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks to prepare your business for tomorrow, today. Through data, detection, and determination, DXFactor provides solutions that will enable you to maximize your return on investment while transforming your corporation to maintain viability.

Build, Manage and Transfer

Lighting the Torch, Fueling the Flame, then Passing the Baton

Corporations that fail to innovate are corporations that will not survive. Yet innovation has always maintained a mystical element within the enterprise. We have perfected it. We design, build and deploy solutions and teams that drive success, which is ultimately transferred back to you so that you can continue to reap the long-term benefits.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) as a Service

We boost your transformation with automation.

When business processes are built around busy work this slows your outcomes engines down. Let us boost your transformation by automating high-volume, repetitive tasks so you can finally focus on the big picture moonshot. Get the power of robotic process automation, with speedy implementation and lightning-fast ROI, all guaranteed to drive business outcomes or your investment is returned.

Outcomes Outlooks

A growing collection of case studies from various industries and companies.

Learn how companies like yours have leveraged DXFactor's award-winning solutions to effectively solve digital transformation use-cases.

How DXStartups helped ARInspect create safer communities

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Building a solution for scaling your operations using Outcomes-Driven Digital Transformation tools

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Our industry's first outcomes approach has already generated more than $2 billion in direct outcomes for clients.

Thrive in the outcomes driven economy - contact us to learn how.

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Stop paying for technology, start paying for outcomes.

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